Real Time Salesforce Project Scenario: Update Parent Case on New Case

In this post, we will go through the implementation of our first Trigger implementation as part of Real Time Salesforce Project Scenario series. We should always follow the best practices while writing a trigger. If you are not aware of the best practices of writing a trigger, please read the below post as it is … Read more

Send Custom Notification using Apex in Salesforce

In this post, we will implement the functionality to Send Custom Notification using Apex in Salesforce. This feature is introduced recently in the Winter ’21 release. We can also send the Custom Notification using Process Builder in Salesforce. You can check the complete implementation for that here. Implementation In this implementation, we will Send Custom … Read more

Apex Trigger Best Practices (All-in-One)

In this post, I will explain all the Salesforce Apex Trigger Best Practices that everyone must follow before writing an Apex Trigger. Apex Code can be executed from the Triggers. And Triggers are executed before or after the Salesforce Records are created, updated, deleted, or undeleted. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to follow the Best … Read more