Lightning Message Service (LMS) – Future of Communication

Lightning Message Service (LMS) is the first Salesforce feature that enables the communication between Visualforce Page, Aura Component, and LWC (Lightning Web Component) anywhere on the Lightning Page. It provides a simple API to publish messages throughout Lightning Experience and subscribe to messages that originated from anywhere within Lightning Experience. The only requirement is that … Read more

Dynamic Picklist as Design Attribute for App Builder

In this implementation, we will see how can we use Dynamic Picklist as Design Attribute for App Builder. We can use design resources to control which attributes are exposed to various tools like the Lightning App Builder, Experience Builder, or Flow Builder.  Using design resources, we can make aura component attribute available for admins to … Read more

Multiple Column Search on Datatable in Lightning

This post will walk you through the implementation of Multiple Column Search on Datatable in Lightning. As of now, there is no search functionality for Lightning Datatables so we have to implement custom search functionality. It is not a big deal to implement but it gets complicated if you want to filter records by matching … Read more