Filter Dashboard from URL Parameters

In this implementation, we will implement the functionality to filter Dashboard from URL Parameters. Sometimes we need to open the Dashboard by clicking on a button and filter the Dashboard with predefined parameters. This post will help to filter the dashboard using the URL parameters. This feature is the new feature introduced in Spring ’21 … Read more

Roles Not Visible While Sharing Records Manually

We can share the records manually with Users, Public Groups, Roles, and Roles and Subordinates. But sometimes, when users try to share records manually with Roles, the Roles do not pop up. In this post, we will see the reason why the roles are not visible while sharing records manually. Let’s get into the implementation, … Read more

Dynamic Actions in Lightning with Example

Salesforce has introduced a new way to add actions on Lightning Record Page. This can be done with Dynamic Actions in Salesforce. Dynamic Actions allow more control and flexibility to the actions on Lightning Record Pages. In this post, we will implement Dynamic Actions in Lightning with an example. Dynamic Actions in Lightning Before the … Read more

Download Dashboard as Image in Salesforce

Hey Ohana, now we can download Dashboard as Image in Salesforce. Earlier when we had to show Dashboard images in Slides or anything, we used to use some tools to capture the screen and cut the image.  Later, we could directly use tools like Snipping Tools in Windows and Command+Shift+4 in Mac. But those days … Read more

Salesforce Record Triggered Flow with Example

In this post, we will implement Record Triggered Flow with Example. Record Triggered Flow is the new type of Flow introduced by Salesforce. Salesforce Record Triggered Flow allows us to get rid of some of the Apex Trigger methods. This will not replace the Apex Triggers completely as some complex logic needs to be implemented … Read more

Different ways to Schedule Apex Class in Salesforce

In this post, we will implement different ways to schedule Apex Class in Salesforce. It is very important to schedule Apex Classes in certain business scenarios. This helps to run Apex Classes at specific times, even at regular intervals. Let’s hop into the implementation. How to make Apex Class schedulable? To make class schedulable, first, … Read more

Share Records with Manual Sharing in Lightning

Manual Sharing in Lightning is the must feature for Salesforce Developers. In this post, we will see how can we share records with Manual Sharing in Lightning. Earlier, to share the records manually, we had to switch to Salesforce Classic and then use the Sharing button to share the records. We don’t have to do … Read more

Create Record using Flow in Salesforce

In this post, we will implement the functionality to Create Record using Flow in Salesforce. We will also cover How to get the current record Id in Flow in Salesforce. Screen Flows are used to guide users through a business process. We can take the input from users, make some decisions based on the input, … Read more

Dynamic Forms in Lightning using Lightning App Builder

In this post, we will implement the latest feature provided as part of the Winter ’21 release that is Salesforce Dynamic Forms in Lightning using Lightning App Builder. Using Dynamic forms in Lightning, we can drag and drop the fields in Lightning App Builder to arrange them as per the need rather than updating the … Read more

Access Visualforce Page without Login

In this post, we will implement the functionality to access Visualforce Page without Login using Sites in Salesforce. There might be a requirement where we need to expose some information for Customers or take some inputs from the Customer like Feedback. In such cases, we can expose Visualforce Page publically to show some information or … Read more