Custom Notification using Process Builder

In this post, we will implement the functionality to trigger and display Custom Notification using Process Builder in Salesforce. We can do this using Salesforce Our-Of-The-Box features. Hence, we don’t have to write the code.


In this implementation, we will trigger the Custom Notification for the Owner of the Opportunity once the Opportunity Stage is updated to Closed Won.

First, we need to create a Custom Notification. Type Custom Notification in Quick Find box and click on Custom Notification under Notification Builder.

Click on the New button. Type Custom Notification Name as Opportunity Closed Won. There are two Supported Channels provided i.e, Desktop and Mobile. Select as per your business requirement. Here, I am selecting both and click Save. This is how it will look:

Custom Notification in Salesforce
Custom Notification in Salesforce

We can trigger this notification from Process Builder. Type Process Builder in the Quick Find box. Click on Process Builder under Process Automation. Process Builder will open.

Click on New. Enter the Process Name like Opportunity Closed Won Notification. Add the Description if you want. For The process starts when, select A record changes so that this process can be executed when a record changes. Once the process is created, it will look something like this:

Process Builder in Salesforce
Process Builder in Salesforce

In the created process, click on Add Object and select Opportunity as Object as we want to trigger the notification when the Opportunity is updated. For Start the process, select when a record is created or edited and click Save.

Criteria for Sending the Notification

Click on Add Criteria, Enter the Criteria Name like When Stage is Closed Won. For Criteria for Executing Actions, select Conditions are met. Under Set Conditions, we need to add the required set of conditions to trigger the notification. We will trigger the notification when the Opportunity Stage is updated to Closed Won. Hence, we need to add below conditions:

  • Opportunity Stage – Equals – Closed Won
  • Opportunity Stage – Is changed – True

Because notification should be triggered when the Opportunity Stage is updated and the value is changed to Closed Won. For Conditions, Select All of the conditions are met (AND) and click Save.

Action to send the Notification

We have added Object and Criteria. Now we need to add the Action. Click on Add Action under Immediate Actions. Select Send Custom Notification as Action Type. Enter the Action Name like Send Notification for Closed Won Opportunity. For the Notification Type, select the custom notification Opportunity Closed Won that we created earlier. To select the Notification Recipient, there are multiple options like User, Owner, Group, Queue, etc. For this implementation, we are selecting the Owner. Select Owner Id for Find an owner lookup.

Add the Notification Title. We can use the Merge Fields to create unique Titles. We are using the Name field to create the Title.

{![Opportunity].Name} is Closed Won.

Add the Notification Body. Here also, we can use the Merge Fields.

The Stage of {![Opportunity].Name} Opportunity is changed.

Click Save. Click on the Activate button to activate the process. This is how our Action will look like:

Process Builder with Action
Process Builder with Action

Custom Notification using Process Builder

To test it, we have to create an Opportunity and change it’s status to Closed Won. This is how it will look:

Custom Notification using Process Builder in Salesforce
Custom Notification using Process Builder in Salesforce

This is how we can show the Custom Notification using Process Builder.

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If you want to check more implementations using Configurations in Salesforce, you can check it here. To know more about Custom Notifications, check official Salesforce documentation here.

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  1. Hi Nikhil
    the part you explained works well. I have never used quick actions so want to try it as well. So added one more condition for Opp stage = prospecting then I used quick actions –> global actions with type ‘Log a Call’ and gave values for the subject. I updated few Opportunity record stage to prospecting but don’t see anything in Log a Call tab.

    What could be causing this?

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