Salesforce Record Triggered Flow with Example

In this post, we will implement Record Triggered Flow with Example. Record Triggered Flow is the new type of Flow introduced by Salesforce. Salesforce Record Triggered Flow allows us to get rid of some of the Apex Trigger methods. This will not replace the Apex Triggers completely as some complex logic needs to be implemented … Read more

Real Time Salesforce Project Scenario: Update Parent Case on New Case

In this post, we will go through the implementation of our first Trigger implementation as part of Real Time Salesforce Project Scenario series. We should always follow the best practices while writing a trigger. If you are not aware of the best practices of writing a trigger, please read the below post as it is … Read more

Salesforce Real Time Project Scenario: To-Do List in Lightning

Hello Everyone! I am starting the Salesforce Real Time Project Scenario Series in Lightning where we will implement end-to-end real time Salesforce project scenarios. The main motivation behind this is – Lots of people, especially new to Salesforce technology ask me about the real-time project scenarios to practice or the place where they can learn … Read more

Promise in LWC and JavaScript

In this post, we will implement the Promise in LWC and JavaScript. Promise in LWC works the same as it does in the simple JavaScript file. Promises is essentially a replacement for callback methods in JavaScript. If there are callbacks inside a callback and so on, it produces the issue known as Callback Hell. It … Read more

Different ways to Schedule Apex Class in Salesforce

In this post, we will implement different ways to schedule Apex Class in Salesforce. It is very important to schedule Apex Classes in certain business scenarios. This helps to run Apex Classes at specific times, even at regular intervals. Let’s hop into the implementation. How to make Apex Class schedulable? To make class schedulable, first, … Read more

Format Date in Visualforce and Email Template

This post will explain, How to Format Date in Visualforce Email Template. The same thing would work to format Date in the Visualforce page as well. So, let’s get into the implementation. Implementation First, let’s create a simple Visualforce Email Template and add relatedToType and recipientType. And we will just display the Created Date of … Read more

Share Records with Manual Sharing in Lightning

Manual Sharing in Lightning is the must feature for Salesforce Developers. In this post, we will see how can we share records with Manual Sharing in Lightning. Earlier, to share the records manually, we had to switch to Salesforce Classic and then use the Sharing button to share the records. We don’t have to do … Read more

How to use LWC in Flow?

In this post, we will implement the functionality to use LWC in Flows to add LWC on the Screen Component in Flows. We will also cover How to pass the parameters from Flow to Lightning Web Component. Let’s hop into the implementation. Implementation In this implementation, we will create a Lightning Web Component to display … Read more

Create Record using Flow in Salesforce

In this post, we will implement the functionality to Create Record using Flow in Salesforce. We will also cover How to get the current record Id in Flow in Salesforce. Screen Flows are used to guide users through a business process. We can take the input from users, make some decisions based on the input, … Read more